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IMG_0343The Geek Summit is a blog written and maintained by Jason McSheene, a developmental biology Ph.D. student at Princeton University. The topics covered in this nerdom blog come in two flavors: 1) helping other young scientists achieve their goals and 2) discussing religion, always respectfully and openly, from the view of his secular humanism.

This blog is meant to develop leaders in the sciences and supply a secular source of encouragement, providing strength that others may regardless of their various religious beliefs.

Because a one man show is fun only sometimes, but we’re always better when we’re together, please join in the conversation! Participation is encouraged on all posts. Contact Jason if you’d like to produce a guest post on one of these topics



Jason’s professional information in regards to science and leadership can be found at (under construction). He can be reached at Jason AT, found on LinkedIn, or Twitter @JasonMcSheene. He also blogs about his personal experiences with atheism and religion under the catagory “Return to Starstuff”, which can be found on

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