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Two Great Shows on Religion

I’m a podcast lover. As much as I love music, whenever I’m in the lab working or on the road I’m listening to a podcast or audiobook 90% of the time. Here are two new favorite shows of mine related to the subject of this blog. If you enjoy thought-provoking shows (which you had better since you’re reading this and are therefore a HIGHLY intelligent, thoughtful person) then please give each of these an hour trial.

For the relatively fair and balanced:

Unbelievable? Available here as a free podcast on iTunes.

Interested in learning the points of theism vs atheism but are held back by the venom which tends to come from the late Christopher Hitchens or the current Lawrence Krauss? I highly suggest listening to a few episodes of Unbelievable? which airs on Christian Premier Media in the UK. This is a new addition for me but has quickly become my favorite. The host Justin Brierley (a Christian himself) moderates discussions between atheists and theists or two theists with opposing views in a refreshingly balanced manner. This is a Christian radio show but about 50% of the episodes focus on a/theist subjects. I love it so far, plus it has been running for 8 years or so. I’m just getting to the backlog now but most of the episodes have been great so far.

Notable editions:
Rob Bell debates God, Salvation & Homosexuality Christian authors Rob Bell and Andrew Wilson discuss
Did God command ‘genocide’ in the Old Testament? Vicar John Allistar and atheist Justin Schieber (from Reasonable Doubts podcast, below) discuss
Is God worth believing in? Christian philosopher Jeff Cook and Atheist blogger Alex Gabriel debate

For entertainment and news from a “skeptical viewpoint”: 

Reasonable Doubts 

Available here as a free podcast on iTunes.

Another recent addition to my constantly updating library, this podcast has a good mix of interviews, discussion topics, and humor. In an ensemble cast, Jeremy Beahan leads David Fletcher, Luke Galen, and Justin Schieber in an honest, yet tongue in cheek show. There are two formats: the “typical” episode made of several segments or the “RD Extra” which is usually a piece of content (ex: the Atheist’s Sermon). A favorite segment of mine is the always funny and informative “Poly-Atheism”, which examines god/supernatural mythology from around the world.

Notable editions:
Episode 108: Post Election Withdrawal
Episode 104: Religious Experience
Episode 93: No Atheists Allowed

If you have any suggestions for more great shows, let me know! I’d love to hear them.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 9:04 am

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